ORBs - Awakening through Light-Beings

ORB - 09.2020, Schweden, Naturschutzgebiet
ORB - 09.2020, Schweden, Naturschutzgebiet

ORBs are real!

ORBs are Lightbeeings which helps us to absorb light from higher dimensions, in order to heal and get protected. They have a message to share with you personally as well as with humanity. 
ORBs appear at this transition time, to open our consciousness to higher  frequencies and dimensions.
They can appear with different shapes, colors, geometric forms, on sacred places, in nature, in cathedrals as well during events and more.

Some people can see them only through digital cameras or smartphones (yet), others can see them with their inner eye, the third eye. But why do some people have the opportunity to see them and others not? The point is, that we have developed a certain vibrational field and our souls are ready to accept, that everyone and everything has a soul (even when the mind struggles with this posibility). Everyone and everything includes the human beeings, mother nature, mother earth, the sun, the moon, countless stars, galaxies and universes. 

Therefore, when you came across an ORB and you wanna know, which message this ORB want to share with you, I invite you to book and ORB-Message-Reading. This is a great opportunity not only to read comments and advices in books which are designed for a mass of people, but to get the personal message for you.


With Love and Joy



30 min - ORB Reading

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60 min - ORB Reading

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