Veranstaltungen mit Master Zhi Gang Sha im Oktober 2018 in Holland

06.-09. Oktober 2018 - Tao Calligraphy Retreat

10.-13. Oktober 2018 - Advanced Tao Calligraphy Retreat

16.-27. Oktober Advanced Tao Abilities Retreat


Location: Bouw&Infra Park, Ceintuurbaan 2, 3847 LG Harderwijk, The Netherlands

For sleeping accomodations nearby the event location please CLICK HERE

The European events with Master Sha will take place in the Netherlands this year!

A retreat with Master Sha is an extraordinary experience that could change your life in a profound way.

Most of the enlightened masters of history taught only a few disciples.
Master Sha gives everyone with an open heart and mind the chance to find the way to health, rejuvenation and enlightenment through many books, CDs, DVDs, video recordings and retreats.

In the past 20 years, Master Sha has traveled all over the world to spread the power of soul and soul healing worldwide to help people regain their health and happiness.

Nowadays there are many Master Teachers trained by Master Sha, who are leading the events and a retreat with Master Sha has become a rare opportunity.

The frequency and vibration during a retreat with Master Sha is very high and the teachings are profound. That is why you must be well prepared to be able to participate.

Below you will find an overview of the events that will take place and which prerequisites you must meet in order to participate.

Tao Calligraphy Retreat

October 6-9:Tao Calligraphy
October 10-13: Advanced Tao Calligraphy

Learn to write the special Tao Calligraphies to balance your health and life.
Receive deep healing blessings for your requests and to open your potential for writing Tao Calligraphy.
Become a Tao Calligraphy practitioner to help others with this unique healing power.

Prerequisites for participation:

  1. You are a Tao Hands Practitioner.
  2. You have attended at least one Tao Calligraphy workshop with Master Cecilia or another Tao Calligraphy Top Teacher.

Tao Abilities and Advanced Tao Abilities

16-27 October: Advanced Tao Abilities

Do you believe there is more between heaven and mother earth?
Do you believe that extraordinary abilities exist and can be developed?
Do you believe that humanity, mother earth and the universe are in a transitional period that can be accompanied by major challenges?
Do you believe that special high-level help is needed in this period?
Are you willing to invest time and energy in your development?

Then Tao Abilities could be for you!

Tao is the source, the creator, the universal laws and principles and the way that follows all life.
Tao is the highest love and purity, is the greatest servant and has unlimited possibilities.
Tao Abilities are unlimited abilities with the quality and creativity of Tao.

Prerequisites for participation:

  1. You are a Tao Hands Practitioner.
  2. You participated in the workshop ‘Tao of Extraordinary Abilities’ in August 2018.
    Even if you are already part of the Tao Abilities program, this workshop is highly recommended.
  3. You have received permission for participation.
    Approval request will possible as soon as possible on this website and on








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