Master Sha und die TAO Kalligrafie

Learn ancient wisdom and practical techniques to experience Soulfulness™ and enrich every aspect of life.


The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy distinguishes itself from other cultural arts because it emphasizes motion and is charged with dynamic life. According to Welsh film producer Stanley Baker, "Calligraphy is sheer liefe experienced through energy in motion that is registered as traces on silk or paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space its main ingredients.!


Chinese calligraphy is revered in the Chinese culture sphere. It is widely practiced and honored as a way to flow universal wisdom, receive qi, and enrich life through powerful positive messages. It is known as one of the most relaxing yet highly disciplines exercises for one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Master Sha's TAO Calligraphy is a unique style of calligraphy that combines the artistic beauty of Yi Bi Zi (fully cursive script, oneness writing) with TAO light transmissions. Every TAO Calligraphy emit frequencies and vibrations that create a field of light for anyone in its presence. When people meditate and immerse themselves in this frequency and vibrational field, they can experience Soulfulness™, which can be described as soul awareness and nourishment, and enrich every aspect of life.


Master Sha learned YI Bi Zi from Professor Li Qiu Yun, and became her linage holder. Professor Li is recognized by the United Nations as one of the worldleading experts on the Chinese language. The over a hundred-year-old professor learned the art from Tài Shī (太师), the teacher of the last royal family (Qing dynasty) in China. By combining the artistic beauty of Yi Bi Zi with Tao light transmissions Master Sha has created a uniquely rich new tradition of Calligraphy.



Because of his contribution to the ancient and sacred tradition of Calligraphy writing and his service to humanity, Master Sha was recognized and appointed in 2016 the position of Shu Fa Jia (National Chinese Calligrapher Master) as well as Yuan Jiu Yuan (honorable Researcher Professor), the highest title a calligrapher can receive, by Guo Jia Min Zu Hua Yuan (State Ethnic of Academy of Painting) in China.